Ingredients to a Successful Business Lunch


Business lunches are great for meeting with potential clients, connections or investors. However, unlike regular lunch outs, they require enough planning and preparation in order to achieve the meeting’s goals smoothly. Ensure the success of your business lunch with these expert tips:

Choose Your Location Strategically

The location you choose for your business lunch will affect its potential success. It’s important to choose a venue that’s easily accessible for your guests or one with private dining rooms in Sydney. Holding a business lunch in a secluded area compared to a bustling restaurant offers several advantages. For one, you will be able to make a personal connection and to discuss things better without any distracting noises or outsiders. This will also allow you to discuss potentially confidential information freely without risking being overheard.

It’s also best to choose a restaurant that offers reservations and is known for its good service. If it isn’t within your budget, you don’t have to choose a fancy restaurant but selecting one with the two qualities mentioned above helps prevent you or your companions from waiting around to be served.

Determine Whether Alcohol Should be Served

Drinking alcohol during a business meeting is generally not allowed, but if the time, date and occasion call for it, then there’s nothing wrong with having cocktails served. One example of this is if you are having lunch with a professional contact as a thank you. If your business lunch, however, is for pitching an idea to a client then having drinks during the day won’t be appropriate. Drinking may impair your abilities and hinder you from accomplishing your goal for the meeting. Plus, you probably won’t be as productive afterwards and you would still need to return to the office.

Keep Manners in Check

Business lunches are a place where even the smallest mannerisms have bearing on your image and your relationship. Constantly wolfing down on your food or chewing while you talk may seem like good time savers, after all, you would be able to accomplish more during your lunch meeting. It’s important to observe proper etiquette when having lunch with an important figure so if you need a refresher, we recommend picking up a guide to ensure that you do not show behaviour that can negatively affect your ability to accomplish your agenda.

Handle the Bill

In general, the person who asked for the lunch meeting should be the one who picks up the check. Although ideally, the bill shouldn’t even arrive at the table in the first place, especially if you have invited a potential investor or client. When making the booking, you can arrange for the bill to be sent to your office afterwards. Alternatively, you can excuse yourself discreetly after dessert to go and settle the bill or wait for your companion to leave before paying the bill.

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