Choosing the Right Venue for Your Corporate Event

Planning a corporate event can be much more nerve wracking than a simple office party, as they have higher stakes, one being your business’ reputation. Whether you are planning a simple seminar, gala dinner or VIP event, it’s important to make a great impression. One way to do so is by securing a venue that can meet your event’s needs while wowing guests. With the variety of private event venues to choose from, however, it can be difficult to determine just which one your event needs. The Royal Exchange of Sydney shares three key elements to focus on to ensure that your event runs as smoothly as possible:

Date and Location

A key factor to consider is how far your targeted audience needs to travel to attend your event. If most of your audience is coming from interstate or overseas, it’s best to select a location that’s close to the city as it will be more accessible for them. However, remember that you are possibly not the only one planning an event. Scheduling your event on a public holiday or even on a weekend will likely cost you more when renting a venue. Some industries also have a “hot” period when it comes to events. Make sure you hold your event on a cooler period to avoid having your attendees choose between competing events.

Select a venue that can enhance your event and help you achieve the event’s goal. As people, our brains naturally make assumptions about a business, its branding and its people based on the chosen location for an event. So when deciding on a venue for your event, it’s best to consider the image that you are trying to project to your audience and find a venue that suits your brand’s message as well as the objective of the event.

The Royal Exchange Sydney offers a sophisticated space with a flexible floor plan. With a grand dining space, intimate private dining room and outdoor courtyard, we are the perfect venue to hold your event and impress your guests.

Facilities and Amenities

Event locations should have all the necessary facilities like well-trained staff, power, toilets etc. But, if your event will be largely technology-reliant, you should select a venue that offers a quality technical set up including audio visual equipment, projectors, stages and an AV system. Procuring these yourself can be quite stressful and you would still need to transport them to the venue and have them set up in time before the event.

Food and Beverage

Your choice of food and beverages can say a lot about your company. Regardless of how much effort you put into ensuring that your event space is perfect, it can all go to waste when you serve guests bad soggy sandwiches. But even this is better than not having any food or drink at all. Choose food items that are easy to consume and that fit the event’s theme perfectly. After all, you don’t want to serve Sloppy Joes or Mexican tacos at a high-profile event.

The Royal Exchange of Sydney offers a group dining menu in Sydney that will not only impress guests, but will leave them full and satisfied. When you book one of our private event venues, you can choose from our sumptuous dishes to create a course menu for your event or select one of our buffet options depending on your event’s size and budget.

Still looking for the perfect venue for your event? Get in touch with The Royal Exchange of Sydney today and we’ll present you with our options.

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