10 of the Hottest Wedding Ideas for 2019

Whether you’ve been dreaming about it your whole life and already have the picture-perfect day painted in your mind, or you’re rallying for a shotgun wedding, planning your special day takes a whole lot of organisation and imagination. From the venue, to the food, to the dress and apparently (according to 2019’s most recent stats), the coloured smoke bombs, there’s a plethora of things to think about in preparation for nuptial bliss. Here are this year’s top wedding trends to kick off your “happily ever after” in style.



1.     Tie the knot at home

Want everyone you care about to be able to make your big day, no cop outs, no flakes, no excuses? Have it in your own backyard. Get the right suppliers for you, a marquee and all the fairy lights in Bunnings, and you can create your very own garden oasis, perfect for a chilled and cost-friendly event  surrounded by all your loved ones. Pinterest claims searches for backyard weddings are up 441% since 2018…

2.     Say no to a destination wedding

Lets face it, not everyone’s going to have a backyard big enough to contain all the siblings, in-laws, great aunts and long lost, twice removed step cousins who resurfaced at the slightest murmurings of ‘wedding’. So why not take the plunge in the city? Whether you prefer a more traditional venue like the Royal Exchange’s newly renovated and fresh as a daisy dining room, bar and courtyard in the Sydney CBD, or prefer the idea of a more rustic-chic event space, like a winery or distillery (or brewery if you’re so inclined), there are limitless venues in the city to cater for your every nuptial need.

3.     Keep your celebrations sustainable

It all started with the paperless invites, now the eco-warrior brides and grooms-to-be are saving the planet one straw at a time. Sourcing your dress and tux from local designers, saying no to single-use plastics (you can see a list of Sydney’s straw-free venues here), and donating or composting any leftover food are just some of the things you can do to keep your environmental conscience clear.



4.     Get your guests to glamp

To glamp - the portmanteau of glam camping. Instead of one day to remember, why not make it two? Hell, why not three?! You only get to do it once after all (hopefully). Festival-style weddings lasting two or three days, filled with feasts, games and parties are all the rage in 2019. All you need is a plot of land sufficient to host a marquee and enough bell-tents for your guests to sleep comfortably in after a hard day of over-indulgence.

5.     Communal grazing

This is the year to get creative with the way you line your guests’ stomachs pre-party. If you want to do away with the seating plan, dietary requirements and awkwardness of a 50/50 drop in favour of a more relaxed meal-time, there are a multitude of other options - a bbq, a buffet, share plates or you can even hire a food van for a cuisine of your choice.

6.     Go for gold

It used to be a nice day for a white wedding, but today it’s all about the gilded, golden gowns shimmering down the aisle, so do away with convention and be the belle of the ball in something that glitters.



7.     Suit up

Since Australia voted yes to gay marriage in December 2017, searches for wedding suits have increased an incredible 1666%. Suiting up for the big day is the new norm whether you’re the bride, groom or guest.

8.     Smoke bomb

Love it or hate it, coloured smoke flares make for a very snap-happy crowd, and they’re all over the Insta-generations’ wedding hashtags this year. Brides and grooms enveloped in plumes of multicoloured pigment are taking over our feeds and we can’t deny, it looks hella fun.

9.     DIY decorations and party favours

Stay on budget by saving liquor and wine bottles to use as vases, cook up some delicious preserves like jams or pickles, or make chilli or garlic oil for your guests to take home. If you’re particularly prowess to a bit of arts and crafts you could even home-make soaps or candles to include in your party bags. And on the subject of DIY, its all about the Polaroid cameras for your guests to capture the night from their point of view.

10.  Floral moon gates

Everyone has flowers at a wedding, that’s nothing new, but these optical floral wreaths are blossoming in 2019. Step through the floral looking glass into a wonderland of nuptial bliss.



Check out the Royal Exchange of Sydney one of the CBD's leading event spaces for weddings, corporate and social functions available for hire. Contact them at Manager@royalexchange.com.au for more information.

Kiran Bains