The Ultimate Guide to Planning a Bangin' EOFY Bash

You scraped through to July, met those critical deadlines, passed the audits and are toeing the line of burn out, but you’re not so over-worked and under-rested that you can’t enjoy an all-expenses paid celebration of the years hard work! An end of financial year party is the perfect way to show employees how much you value them and is a great way to get motivated for the new financial year too. These are our tips for hosting an EOFY party to remember…


What are the essentials?

First you have to make sure you’ve set out a list of key ingredients for your team to have a good time. Whether that’s a dedicated smoking area, a dance floor, theme, or team building activity, get your colleagues to throw in their two cents so you can plan a corporate event they will actually look forward to attending. Next, lock down a budget with your boss so you can allocate parts of it towards venue, booze, food, entertainment etc.


Pick a venue

Free champagne and canapés are not always enough to draw your high-strung colleagues away from the comfort of their homes after a hard days work, so convenience is key. Research venues close to your place of work, that have easy transport links so they can stumble home easily after getting suitably sloshed at the celebrations. Consider the number of people in attendance - is it a whole company event  or are you just celebrating with your immediate team? Once you know the size of the guest list you can determine whether you want to book a private dining room or hire  out a whole venue, of which the Royal Exchange can cater to both! Remember that this is a peak-time for corporate function venues  across Sydney with everyone holding their own EOFY parties around the same time, so make sure you get in there early to secure your dream location.


Remember it’s the middle of winter

There’s something about a Sydney party that screams fair-weather and sunshine but don’t forget it’s July, it’s peak winter and it’s going to be cold out so don’t get too excited when you find the venue with the perfect terrace or rooftop. Ask about weather contingencies, whether there is a covered outdoor area should the weather turn suddenly, are there outdoor heaters, and is there a plan B if the whole party has to be moved inside? Make these enquiries at the site inspection so you can have peace of mind for the rest of your planning.


The entertainment

Themes, group activities, or actually entertainment in the form of a band, magician, comic etc are all viable options for corporate events, you just have to decide what will be right for your team. After a long hard slog over the last financial year, minimal effort is sure to be on the minds of the majority of your colleagues. Not everyone will want to go full costume but if you do think a theme will work well for your event, consider providing a dress up box or masks on the day for a masquerade ball or the like. Having a theme also means you can taylor the food, drinks and decor in a more exciting way. If your team is in need of some bonding, book a venue that can keep them entertained with 10-pin bowling, karaoke, or… paint balling anyone?


Food and drink

Booze will surely have a big part to play in your EOFY celebrations, and where alcohol is provided, so must food, unless you want your colleagues to get absolutely annihilated and wake up with too much hangxiety the next day to ever go back work… Depending on your budget and the size of your party you will need to decide whether you should plan for a sit down meal, buffet or canapé package, and whether you have enough to fork out for a beverage package, or will have a set bar tab that your guests can use until it runs dry. Chat to venues about their options and what their minimum spend is.


Check out the Royal Exchange of Sydney, one of the CBD's leading function spaces, available to hire for corporate functions, cocktail parties and seasonal events. Contact them at for more information.

Kiran Bains